Hope and Change By the Numbers

Following the federal unemployment numbers the “Hope and Change” statistics have been updated.

Some interesting changes:

  • Although the unemployment rate did not change, the U-6 number declined from July which is positive news. For those unfamiliar with the U-6 number, it discounts part-time workers and seasonal employees.
  • Housing prices are rising faster than 4.1 percent in many parts of the country but the growth has not translated across the national number.
  • The annual deficit has again been positively adjusted down by the CBO. The reduction of roughly $40 billion in deficit is due to a stronger economy which translates into higher tax receipts.
  • The number of uninsured citizens has fallen another percentage point (roughly 1 percent equals 3 million people). This is the lowest point of uninsured Americans over the last 10 years.
  • Consumer confidence ticked lower, but historically speaking it remains strong.

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