A Plague Infecting White America

Much of white America, especially white male America, is suffering from delusion (Disclosure: I’m a white American man). Too many in my demographic have debased themselves through thoughtless xenophobia, callous sexism, knee-jerk bigotry, and angry cynicism. During the 2016 election, 62% of white males and 52% of white females knowingly cast their vote for a… Continue reading A Plague Infecting White America

Putting the ‘Conserve’ Back Into ‘Conservative’

During my freshman year at BYU, a conservative friend of mine tried to explain to me why recycling, and caring for the environment in general, were scripturally unsound practices. He cited the LDS Doctrine and Covenants Section 59 verses 16 to 19, which, in a nutshell, indicate that the Lord provided all of the natural… Continue reading Putting the ‘Conserve’ Back Into ‘Conservative’

Mitt Flips on Climate Change (Is Anyone Surprised?)

Less than two weeks after I wrote a post praising Mitt Romney (and Jon Huntsman) for their admirable stances supporting science’s position on climate change, Romney changed his position! In June, Romney stated the following to an audience in New Hampshire, affirming the existence of global warming: I don’t speak for the scientific community, of… Continue reading Mitt Flips on Climate Change (Is Anyone Surprised?)

Kudos to Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney – And I Mean It!

On August 18, Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman Tweeted, “To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.” With that short statement, Mr. Huntsman proved himself one of the few reasonable figures in the Republican Party. While most of the Republican field has run away from previously stated… Continue reading Kudos to Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney – And I Mean It!

Climate Change is Happening

Last February, I experienced “snowmageddon” on the East Coast. I recall during that time reading a news article about some conservative politicians’ gleeful mocking of former Vice President Al Gore and the concept of global warming; they claimed that the blizzards and record snowfalls were evidence that global warming does not exist. Sen. Jim Inhofe… Continue reading Climate Change is Happening

“No Matter What Happens to Obama…There’s the Perfect Bush Screw Up for the Occasion”

Over the past 16 months, I have thoroughly enjoyed conservatives’ attempts to pin every one of our country’s problems on President Barack Obama. Of late, they’ve been calling the BP gulf oil spill “Obama’s Katrina.” This is such a non-sequitur that I can’t help letting out a little laugh each time I hear it. Oh… Continue reading “No Matter What Happens to Obama…There’s the Perfect Bush Screw Up for the Occasion”

LDS Church Going Green

Lest one thinks being environmentally-conscious is only a “liberal” idea, the Church recently announced a pilot program where the roofs of new chapels are fitted with solar panels. In announcing the program, Bishop H. David Burton of the Presiding Bishopric stated, “for decades we have looked for innovative ways to use natural resources in our… Continue reading LDS Church Going Green