Glenn Beck Called Out By Mormon Leaders

Glenn Beck, who recently demonized churches that preach social and economic justice as communist and fascist, caused some LDS church leaders to become so uncomfortable that they personally apologized to a reverend whom Beck had attacked. More specifically, Glenn Beck said, “I beg you, look for the words ‘social justice’ or ‘economic justice’ on your church Web site. If you find it, run as fast as you can. Social justice and economic justice, they are code words. Now, am I advising people to leave their church? Yes!” He went on to compare organizations that practice social and economic justice with communism and fascism.

Perhaps Mr. Beck does not know that his own church preaches social justice. According to a recent New York Times article, “Philip Barlow, the Arrington professor of Mormon history and culture at Utah State University, said, ‘One way to read the Book of Mormon is that it’s a vast tract on social justice. A lot of Latter-day Saints would think that Beck was asking them to leave their own church.’ Mr. Barlow said that just this year, the church’s highest authority, the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, issued a new ‘Handbook of Instructions’ in which they revised the church’s ‘threefold mission’ and added a fourth mission statement: Care for the poor.”

Mr. Beck is really creating bad publicity for the Church. He is anything but a peacemaker and certainly does not heed any of the recent counsel from LDS Church leaders in having calm and thoughtful dialogue. It seems that Elder Robert S. Wood, as referenced in an earlier post, was speaking specifically of Beck when he said, “whether they be false friends or unrighteous teachers, artists or entertainers, commentators or letter writers to local newspapers, seekers of power or wealth, beware of those who stir us up to such anger that calm reflection and charitable feelings are suppressed.”


  1. I went to the "This is the Place" bookstore in Kensington and they carried a selection of Beck books. It was a pretty nasty feeling. I think they are discontinuing them though.

    1. James, after doing some research, “This is the Place” and “Deseret Book” both continue to carry Glenn Beck’s writings. EVERY book sold at Deseret Book is run by and approved by The Church. (However, this does not mean every book is doctrine.)

      1. weather one likes or dislikes glen beck, as members of this church we are suppose to pray for one another, and to love one another. GOD loves glen too the world watches what we do.

        1. If God only ‘loves Glenn Beck, too’ after he has brought countless people into The Gospel I can’t imagine how God feels about me. I have brought exactly one person into The Gospel. That must make me pretty pathetic…

    1. Harmony, is it your thought that Deseret Book should be selling books by Laman and Lemual giving equal time to both sides? The church is not a Fox News who requires both views as potentially being correct…

  2. I was a Republican ( a moderate) all my life until our community was attacked by the John Birch Society Republicans. – and I was a local politician. I have studied for the past 10 years and have become a Democrat. Glen Beck is no Mormon. Now we are having trouble with them taking over our local school board. Luckily there are many reasonable and moderate Republicans here to balance the council. But much of our families have been raised up with the JB philosophy and it is very difficult. MOrmons also vote even if they don’t understand what they are doing to our democracy. I am disappointed that the bretheren don’t address some of these strange philosophies are being unchristian. I still remain a staunch supporter of the Church and am even related to several apostles and to the Jospeh Smith’s mother’s Mack line. Heaven help us if these people gain total control of Congress. HELP!!!!

    1. This is why Scott. ‘Social Justice’ & ‘Economic Justice’ FORCES or REGULATES you to share wealth… This was what Mr. Beck was warning about. This path of ‘Social Justice’ or a ‘Economic Justice’ is one The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has never promoted or believes to be true in the least degree.

      Kate Kelly, on the other hand, instigated a group who were unhappy women were not allowed to hold the Priesthood, an eternal principle of The Lord’s and protested against The Church to CHANGE The Lord’s doctrine.

      I hope that addresses your question…

    2. You’ve got to be kidding me. I meet people who are not members of the Church all the time who love Glenn Beck because he teaches honesty, hard work, self-sufficiency, etc. Kate Kelly was leading people astray.

  3. “progressive” ……”liberal”……all three are just code words for Socialist……..Marion G. Romney, then a staunch Democrat, in 1936, read a front page editorial in the DESERET NEWS (which was written likely by Heber J. Grant, the Prophet at the time)….in which the writer criticized the socialist-communist philosophy of FDR…….Marion Romney was rocked to his core……..but he had the humility to fast and pray about this editorial………and received a witness that the Editorial was correct…….he then left the Democratic party and joined the Republican Party, and actively campaigned for FDR’s opponent…….

  4. the NY TIMES can NEVER be relied upon to tell the truth……first of all…….none of the people named as LDS leaders are, in fact,leaders !! If you are not in the First Presidency, or quorum of the 12, then you are not an LDS LEADER…….no matter the pretensions of the NYT article writer……..secondly….Glenn Beck did not attack anybody……he gave advice about running from preachers of socialism…….to claim Beck attacked leaders of other churches only reveals a lying spirit……

    1. Richard is correct. The Church specifically said, “We do not make apologies for what members say in their private lives.” This would in no way serve to be an apology to Reverend Willis or anyone else. Willis, a personal spiritual advisor to President Obama on a weekly basis, fashions himself after the president’s former reverend, Reverend Wright.

    1. How do you reconcile that statement with the law of consecration which we will at some point be required to keep? Where in scripture does it say anything prohibiting redistribution of income? Where in scripture are the many examples of the righteous having all things common among them contradicted?

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