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I am a passionate Democrat living in a very red world.  Although I am not an ideologue, I do believe the government plays a very meaningful role in each of our lives. Whether it’s protecting our liberty, enabling healthy marketplace competition, or bridging the gap for the poor and elderly, supporting the Democratic Party provides honest value and satisfaction.

Politically speaking I find myself in the middle. I believe in sensible gun legislation because I am a gun owner. I believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege for the privileged. I believe markets should be the driver of economic decisions, including wage and immigration. I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman, but will fight alongside the LGBT community for all rights under marriage. I believe in the sanctity of life which continues (not ends) after the first breath of an infant. I am passionate about policy and welcome any debate of social positions or fiscal and budgetary matters.

My desire is sharing political perspective based on my experiences and rooted in data. I do not talk in anecdotal examples or propaganda, but strive to deliver meaningful debate lifting all who choose to engage. I hope you enjoy the content and feel free to respectfully comment, or join me on Twitter.   – @MattyIceUS


“Reality has a liberal bias,” said Stephen Colbert. It turns out Colbert was right. When one digs into data, applies critical thought, and embraces science, they often fall on the side of progressives. My political philosophy is progressive pragmatism. President Barack Obama summarized this philosophy when he declared, “government cannot solve all our problems, but what it should do is that which we cannot do for ourselves: protect us from harm and provide every child a decent education; keep our water clean and our toys safe; invest in new schools, and new roads, and science, and technology… It should ensure opportunity not just for those with the most money and influence, but for every American who’s willing to work.” Good governance, smart governance is probable when we elect ethical people committed to the public good, and not just special interests.

So who am I? I’m just another patriotic member of #TheResistance, opposing the ascent of American fascism. Donald Trump is merely a symptom of a greater cultural, intellectual, and moral rot infecting a major segment of American society. I tweet at @MindfulMajority.


  1. Hi, My name is Mikel Borg, and I just ran across your website. I am in the Dripping Springs Ward, Austin Texas Stake. Served a mission in Bogota Colombia. I became very curious about social and economic justice during my mission, and fell in love with Colombian and Latin American Culture. I Came to UT Austin and majored in Latin American Studies. I now speak Portuguese and Spanish, along with a little English. The Austin Fire Department is where I work, now for 28 years. I am married to the best woman in the world, Lydia, and have a son, Gabriel who is 16.
    I feel I have been in a Democratic wasteland, as far as church goes. This in part led me to being inactive for many years, but now I attend when work permits. Even though Austin has a reputation for being Dem, I have not yet had a member admit to me that they were Democratic,(except my college roommates)since I became active again, until last Saturday. I joined some progressive LDS groups on facebook. Now I decided to start a Central Texas LDS Democrats group on FB, so I can find fellow travellers and new friends to cry together in our collective root beers. So if you are near,(Andy!), join up and let’s paaarrrty! And by party, I mean Caffine Free Diet Cherry Coke, Jello (not green), and funeral potatoes. Thanks.

    1. Mikel- Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m definitely sympathetic to the issue of living in wards with few, if any, Dems. In my experience at BYU, I hardly ever ran across Dems (until I joined the BYU Dems, that is!). I’m glad to see you’ve created a group on Facebook for LDS progressives. LDS Dems/liberals/progressives and moderates are really beginning to emerge as a stronger voice within the LDS community and what you’re doing is part of that. Hopefully through your FB page, our website, and elsewhere, we can help foster a more bipartisan atmosphere in our ward families.

  2. My apologies for the really late response to this. One way to pass us messages or announcements would be via our Twitter account, @MormonDems. I’ll RT any announcements you have for LDS progressives events. I also just sent in a request to join your group, so you could direct-message me. Finally, I just wanted to point you to a couple of other LDS-Dem-themed Facebook groups, which are a good place collaborate:

    Mormons for Obama:

    Mormon Democrats:

    Thanks for getting in touch with us.

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