Common Ground on Gun Control

Another mass shooting, another round of debate that feels like it will go nowhere. But this time, let’s try to find some common ground on gun control.

It seems clear that we all believe in restrictions on the right to bear arms. We believe that there are some arms that simply should not be owned by private citizens under any circumstances, don’t we?

Let’s put this another way — does the Second Amendment protect my right to purchase, store, or use a nuclear weapon?

If you believe that citizens shouldn’t be able to bear nuclear arms, then you believe there’s a line. Restricting ownership of arms on one side of that line is okay, restricting ownership of arms on the other side of that line is not.

We should debate where that line falls. Can people own automatic weapons? How about high-capacity magazines? Armor-piercing rounds? Bump stocks?

Unless you really want people packing nukes, then let’s agree to debate the where the line should be without accusing anyone of breaking the Constitution or destroying the Second Amendment.

There is plenty of common ground on gun control. Let’s remember to use it.

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