Thank You Donald Trump From The Bottom of My Soul

Donald Trump Foolish Look
This is the picture Donald Trump has asked the media not to be used. Couldn't be more fitting.

I just want to take a moment and express my sincere gratitude for the accomplishments you, Donald Trump, and the Republican Party are achieving. You are inspiring generations of women, minorities, millennials, immigrants, teachers, moderates, independents and several other critical demographics to leave the Republican Party for good. You are doing more to sustain the long-term health of the Democratic Party than George Soros ever could. I am probably going to save my check for (fill in the blank) and send it directly to your 2020 reelection campaign. I hope you run. We Democrats need you to. We will be voracious campaigners throughout your primary and watch as you present your tired, mangled message to the American public. I might even switch party affiliations just so I can cast a primary vote.

Your accomplishments in the first year of your presidency are unmatched by anyone who previously sat in your presidential chair. You have given Democrats a senate seat in Alabama defying pundits who said a blue seat in red Alabama was impossible. You made that happen. Against all advice and council you showed the nation that you are man who puts party first, even if the candidate is a child molester. You also put the first transgender woman in office while unseating the same intolerant racist that tried to pass a bathroom bill. Your divisive rhetoric made that happen. You did that.

You have unified millions upon millions of women to come together and say enough. Enough of the harassment. Enough of the sexual innuendos. Enough of the misogyny. Enough supporting a party that only has 8% of their seats filled by women. Enough sitting on the sidelines watching Republicans actively work to dismantle Planned Parenthood, which provides primary care to millions each year. You truly are an inspiration to so many women. Ivanka, Melania, Stormy, and that other daughter must be so proud.

You have given Republicans a chance to prove their complete hypocrisy when it comes to fiscal conservatism. Tax cuts funded by $1.5 trillion in new debt? You did that. And selling the tax plan to your party under the guise of boosting middle class bonus checks? Genius. You must be laughing to the bank as new loopholes are being exploited and corporations are funding stock buy backs instead of wage increases. You know, it took Barack Obama almost eight years to reduce the government deficit by two-thirds. You doubled the deficit in just one year. That doesn’t just take guts but really, really, bad fiscal policy.  And you are the best when it comes to bad fiscal policy.

How about DACA? It wasn’t broke. It didn’t need to be fixed. Both parties were jointly unified with the solution. But you saw an opportunity that most did not envision. With a stroke of a pen you ripped the law to pieces and reinforced your party’s position as intolerant and uncompassionate. Coupled with the Muslim ban, you were able to reunite your party with those “very fine people” in Charlottesville. Mainstream conservatives were desperately trying to separate from racist fringe groups, but you kept them together. That was you. You unified your core base.

Watching high school kids put down video games to start a movement, #NeverAgain, was not just inspiring, it encompasses the ideals our Founding Fathers espoused again and again. Your defense of the NRA is making that happen. Your flip-flopping on gun policy is making that happen. Your mangled plan to arm teachers is making that happen. Keep presenting at CPAC to your dwindling base which inspires generations of new opposition voters. Keep telling your governor friends how brave you would have been in Parkland that tragic day. You are a patriot to run, even with painful bone spurs and without a weapon, to stop an active shooter. Hero. It’s an unbelievable act of bravery that won’t be appreciated by any rational American.

You have made a grand mockery of American ideals. Your tweets continue to be divisive and alienate huge crowds of Americans each day. Your lack of awareness might be the greatest of all time. Taking a picture with humble Native Americans in front of an Andrew Jackson portrait?! Not even George W. Bush could pull that off. Creating a massive divide with the United Kingdom before your first month in office was over? Remarkable! The UK loved us so much they followed us into Iraq on the back of faulty intelligence. That’s how talented you are at destroying relationships with allies. Ronald Reagan won the hearts of conservatives promising to tear down walls. Your plans to build huge walls with debt has been even more inspirational to the millions who thoughtlessly still support you.

Nobody will ever say your presidency was inconsequential, the FBI will make sure of that. The bigly damage you are doing to the Republican party with such efficiency will define your legacy for generations to come. You are inspiring millions and millions of Americans to come together and oppose your agenda and presidency. Let’s not back down from 2020. It’s yours to lose in what could be the greatest opposition landslide in political history. And America will thank you for that.

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