Trump Resistance Reference Guide

Here are some of the best web resources I’ve found for aiding the resistance. Please share ones you’ve discovered in the comments.

Guide to Getting Involved:

‘Anti-Inauguration’ (Mostly of temporary importance, but some good general ideas and links of lasting value)

Searchable database of virtually everything Trump has said:

Website tracking reports of Trumpian corruption:

“Trumpgrets”: Website collecting reports of regret over voting Trump. Anecdotal, but revealing:

An excellent reading list concerning the times we now live in. It links to a couple of other reading lists, and this one is also a must see.

Trenchant analysis of behavior of Trump as Pres-elect as a guide to what to expect:

Trump already like an ape battling for domination over any perceived/possible rival, does not care for/understand separation of powers or other democratic norms. Expect more of same:

Trump’s talent has always been PR. For how he is setting the stage for enacting his PR-without-substance genius is already under way and may cover up general failures:

On Journalism under Trump and our “post-truth” atmosphere generally:
Part I Analysis:
Part II What to do:

It is my conviction that citizens of both the US and the world can and ought to cooperate to resist Trump (and the rise of nativistic populism) despite otherwise wildly diverging ideological backgrounds. With that in mind, I recommend writers and media outlets from across the political spectrum. While I have a radical heart, I’m not interested in wading into debates over what approach/alternative media outlet is most authentically “LEFT!” and “therefore” best poised to resist Trump. So, I’ll actually have more to say about right-wing resistors. And I’m happy for commenters to link to quality writers and sites on the far left that I leave out.

A recommendation for news aggregators is good to start, including ones that inform us about what the opposition is saying. So have Real Clear Politics available.

Republican and Conservative voices against Trump:
Evan McMullin, Mormon independent challenger to Trump in election, is emerging as one of most consistent conservative voices seeking bipartisan/broad spectrum collaboration against Trump. Even calls out fellow Republicans on racism/white nationalism stuff. Mostly on Twitter, but you can access his feed even if you aren’t on Twitter here. In NYTimesInterviewed.

As far as legislators go, McCain and Graham are getting press over the Russia stuff, and Rand Paul is likely to stand up to Trump as he has against most forms of strong government. But Ben Sasse, of Nebraska, is someone to watch. His opposition to Trump has been principled and consistent from the start, despite being a rookie Senator in a Trump loving state. His office was even receptive when I called to encourage him to keep opposing Trump on specific things.

Jennifer Rubin at Washington Post. Here she singles out conservatives w/ influence not folding to Trump.

David Frum at the Atlantic continues the conservative fight against Trump that he fought before the election (he even endorsed Clinton).

Rick Wilson, Michael Gerson continue their charge. George Will (syndicated), Bill Kristol (Weekly Standard), Kevin D. Williamson, Jonah Goldberg, and David French (last three of National Review) were all excellent critics of Trump right up until election day, often garnering the wrath of the worst of Trump’s racist base. Since the election they have quited a bit and have been focused on getting parting jabs in against Obama. But they may arise again (they can earn a link when they do).

On to the center —> left:

ProPublica should be on everyone’s list anyway.
truthdig and truthout are two of the best independent outlets with great stuff re: Trump.
Bill Moyers often collects good things.

The Intercept is principled in holding conservative and liberal media and gov alike to account. That will be of increasing importance. Recent time spent in conservative internet land suggests that WashPost, NYTimes, and others have lost any credibility they still had among people inclined to support or be friendly to Trump. Places like The Intercept, which has been highly critical of WashPost on some recent shoddy journalism, can be insisted on as consistently credible.

Robert Reich with consistent analysis and recommendations of what to do and to look out for.

Sarah Kendzior has good insight. Often, her Twitter feed has stuff that the usual media misses or that she is way in front of them on.

Yascha Mounk, a political scientist working on rising threats to liberal democracy, now has a weekly column at Slate focusing on Trump, his tactics, and what can be done.

Shaun King of Black Lives Matter fame often has good stuff and often focuses on how Trump is emboldening the racist underbelly of US.

Robert Paul Wolff, retired professor, but not retired from decades of activism. He offers great analysis, observations, ideas, and encouragement. The kind of older, wiser comrade we all need!

Again, send stuff I’m missing in the comments!

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