Propagandizing Public Education

Across the U.S., conservative-dominated school boards have sought to manipulate public education curricula by overruling relevant experts in subjects such as history, economics, and science, establishing requirements to teach subjects through a conservative lens, and via outright censorship. In 2010, the Texas Board of Education approved a social studies curriculum that questioned the Founding Fathers’… Continue reading Propagandizing Public Education

Living the 1963 Dream

Growing up my parents always expected me to be knowledgeable of current events.  We held regular discussions during family meals and it was a ritual to sit in front the television and watch the nightly news.  As a voracious reader I gravitated to any newspaper or magazine that came into our home. I would also listen in on my… Continue reading Living the 1963 Dream

Texas Textbooks- Don’t Let Your Kids Read ‘Em!

Recently the Texas Board of Education undertook efforts to significantly revise Texas’ history, social studies, and economics curriculum along unapologetically ideological lines. No historians, sociologists, economists, or other experts were consulted at the meetings in which the revisions were debated and approved. Here’s a humorous look at the way the changes were made. The Daily… Continue reading Texas Textbooks- Don’t Let Your Kids Read ‘Em!

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