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You seem quick to give up the crown. With McCain winning the Republican nomination, I am not so sure Obama can pull it off. He still has to get by Hillary, who I believe, would have even more trouble against McCain.I will take the idealist comment in a positive light, but its more then that. I am tired of partisan politics; I am tired of compromise not being the underlying principal of the congress. What I am really tired of is exactly what we need more of…shorter memories. I find it interesting the current flack that Democrats receive when Republicans have proven themselves even more inept at managing fiscal policy. Earmarks are out of control, and have been for the past decade. I commend your boss’ work on this subject, but do not get caught in the trap of partisan rhetoric. I am sure, for the next couple of years, Democrats will mimic their opponents past behavior.But remember, I sat on the side screaming into an abyss through the previous six years when legislation such as the Medicare 2003 bill was passed, and from 05-06 when real legislation was replaced with pork. Does that justify the Dems actions? Probably not. But let’s not sit on the side and convince ourselves that the Republicans would not be doing the exact same thing if they still maintained power.

There will be waste, I do not disagree with your comment. But realistically, what corporate entity is running at 100% efficiency? Not even my company would state that waste is not a problem. Short of running every federal agent through six sigma (joke), waste will be a problem. However, do not believe for a second that this is a partisan problem.

Government should be there to help the people it represents. Unfortunately, all I see is corporations being the true beneficiaries of recent legislation. And government should be very leery when dealing with business. Even the passed bill for the mortgage bailout did little to help the people, but much to cut the losses of the banks that undertook the risk. Talk about anti-capitalism. Or how about the fact that the largest buyer of drugs, pays the highest price…Adam Smith is probably rolling over in his grave.

Yes, Democrats might not make the Bush tax cuts permanent, but they never should have passed in the first place. They were based on conditions that were preposterous to begin with (ie. economy would continue at the trajectory of the 90’s), and when in the history of the US have tax cuts ever been enacted in war time? I commend John McCain for voting against them. And let’s be honest, how much does rolling back the Bush tax cuts impact 90% of the people? And no, I do not believe the Bush tax cuts served any real purpose, especially when discussing impacts on the economy. As far as the comment about looking forward to more tax increases…a solid talking point with minimal credibility. I guess the majority of the right sees the expiration of the Bush tax cuts as raising taxes, but I disagree. Its time for fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets, and though the Dems might not be perfect in this regard, I can not believe it can be any worse then the previous seven years. (I would love to discuss with you the hidden tax of inflation…)

This is not about saving the world, but helping those in need. I don’t believe the Democrats have all the answers, but I will say they are a bit more transparent (you don’t have to write me on this point, I know you probably disagree). But as Adam Smith was weary of large corporations, so am I (ironic I work for one of the largest). I believe that McCain is the front runner for November, but I take solace in the number of seats that will be picked up in the House and Senate. McCain or Obama are capable of running the country with my support, and even Hillary will be a vast improvement over President Bush. I must say, I like where this country is headed, which is the first time I have made such a statement in about six years.


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Obama looks great, has it all to take it. Kenyan father, Georgian white mother. Father leaves them, works hard in some of our best universities, and takes a pro-bono type job after all is said and done. He’s an inspiring, charismatic- leader type. I predict he will be the next pres. Only, I don’t agree at all with his policies.
You’re right, Dems want to give you the moon, but sometimes there are those that would rather not have the moon–they’re shooting for Mars or beyond.

Anyway, this city will be completely different next year–just like when Clinton was in the WH and Dems in majority. I’m not looking forward to more tax increases–and more government organizations that proclaim they will save the world! They are wasteful, I’ve seen it, lived with those that work with them who also agree. You can be an idealist as a student when it’s not real life, but as soon as you start paying the bills–quickly realize sadly, it is about capital.
So congrats to you on your win…and here’s to 4, maybe 8 years of “uniting America”.

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