A Party Full of Sheeple

Donald Trump Crazy

Recently I had a conversation with a conservative friend and Donald Trump supporter. I asked a simple question that generated strong emotion and defense. “How would you feel if President Trump agreed to provide financial support for any country that implemented socialized medicine and government-funded abortions?” Assuming this was just hypothetical banter, this individual vehemently denied Republicans would support such a suggestion. Such snap judgments are a regular example of my interactions with the right and why they their party is is full of sheeple. Their platforms have been boiled down to simplistic arguments and concrete positions removing critical thinking and discussion.

Such positioning also opened the door for a dangerous change in control. Donald Trump has taken hyperbole and false assumptions and is currently leading a partisan revolt. Trump leverages sound bites instead of robust debate. He bullies instead of listens. He employs all manner of red herrings and straw man arguments to drive his message with fear and confusion. The result? His supporters have been conditioned to believe 140 character rants instead of fact-checking Pulitzer Prize winning publications. They have become Sheeple following a snake-oil salesman under a cloud of false righteousness.

Donald Trump promised to “build a wall and make Mexico pay for it”. But recently he adapted the same position as the bi-partisan Senate bill that was passed several years ago. Less walls and more fences with technology already aligned upon by both parties. He has also walked back his campaign promise saying, “Now, there are certain places you don’t need a wall, because you have, you know, you have mountains, you have other things. You have large and rather vicious rivers.” He ran his campaign preying on immigrants backed with little data and outlandish assumptions. Did you know that immigration to the United States has been stagnant for over a decade? Sheeple think immigration is a crippling problem without understanding the reliance our economy has on cheap labor.

Donald Trump promised to appoint “the best people” to his cabinet. What seemed like a reasonable goal has turned into a who’s who of campaign cronyism. Scott Pruitt, who is currently suing the EPA on behalf of fossil fuel interests and is a climate change denier, is now the head of the EPA. Rick Perry has no energy experience or scientific background, yet will be responsible for America’s nuclear proliferation (the current secretary is a nuclear physicist). Ben Carson is supposedly the best candidate for the Housing and Urban Development cabinet post because he “grew up around many” who used government housing. Betsy DeVos loves public education to the point she will undermine her own department with school vouchers and chartered institutions. Donald Trump also appointed several Goldman Sachs executives to run our financial institutions and a Labor Secretary that would love to see American policies morph back into the 1890’s. Sheeple care little about resumes and more about partisan ideology. It doesn’t matter that Ben Carson absurdly believes Egyptian Pyramids were used for grain storage as long as he is pro-life.

Donald Trump promised to “bring back jobs” to the US even though almost every respected economist has argued our country’s lost jobs are due to globalization and efficient machinery. Economists predicted participation rate declines over the past decade given a disproportionate Baby Boomer workforce. Economists recently confirmed our current labor employment situation is “full” which happened in conjunction with President Obama’s policies. However, Sheeple think economic experts are are disconnected with their own perception of reality.

Donald Trump promised to lower our debt even though senior entitlements is the number one cause of our growing deficit. He is proposing minimal changes to mandatory spending (the part controlled by Congress) and is relying on tax cuts as a glorious solution to our financial problems. Current economists are predicting our deficit and debt will skyrocket under Trump’s policies, yet Sheeple pay little attention to basic math when it comes to our federal budget.

Sheeple believe their party is rooted in the Constitution even when Merrick Garland’s confirmation hearing is hijacked in an unprecedented fashion. Partisan rancor threw Constitutional order out the window and supporters labeled McConnell’s abuse of power as good political strategy. You know what else is good political strategy? Voter suppression, dark campaign funds that shield donors, pork spending, and Gerrymandering; also supported by the Trump establishment.

Donald Trump promised a Muslim registry that will be impossible to implement. He relentlessly attacks China forgetting they are our banker and supplier of our goods. He completely fabricates figures like $4 billion for planes and pats himself on the back when lower estimates are announced. He believes government should not pick winners and losers and then gives Carrier massive pork promises setting absurd precedent. He wants to the “drain the swamp” of special interest ignoring the largest special interest, himself. Yet in each of these instances his Sheeple retweet his propaganda with little conscience and retort with dismissive justification.

The next four years will be ridiculed with minimal critical thinking and misguided news to drive public opinion. Latest polls reveal that 50% of Republicans mysteriously believe that Trump won the popular vote largely fueled by unfiltered and unchallenged conservative feeds. Reality takes a back seat to perception and partisan trenches are driving political positions. When I revealed to my friend it is Israel who uses American taxpayer money to subsidize socialized medicine and government-funded abortions, his massive 180 degree pivot of support is an example of what to expect from Donald Trump’s Sheeple.

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