A Plague Infecting White America

Much of white America, especially white male America, is suffering from delusion (Disclosure: I’m a white American man). Too many in my demographic have debased themselves through thoughtless xenophobia, callous sexism, knee-jerk bigotry, and angry cynicism. During the 2016 election, 62% of white males and 52% of white females knowingly cast their vote for a… Continue reading A Plague Infecting White America

A Party Full of Sheeple

Recently I had a conversation with a conservative friend and Donald Trump supporter. I asked a simple question that generated strong emotion and defense. “How would you feel if President Trump agreed to provide financial support for any country that implemented socialized medicine and government-funded abortions?” Assuming this was just hypothetical banter, this individual vehemently… Continue reading A Party Full of Sheeple

Conservatism is Dying, Thankfully

Conservatism in America is dying, thankfully. I am not referring to the iconic conservative beliefs of Ronald Reagan and Bob Dole, who found success in compromise and concession. Compassionate conservatism will always be ingrained in our political system. I am talking about the mangled attempt to push the electorate to the extreme right under the… Continue reading Conservatism is Dying, Thankfully

Conservatives Don’t Own the Pro-Life Agenda

How many times have I heard the ridiculous rhetoric about Democrats being pro-abortion or having my morality being compared to Vlad the Impaller’s?  As a proud progressive, I feel the discussion should center on facts, data, and historical significance, and not arrogantly challenging people’s morality as a campaign tool. Conservative’s play the pro-life card to… Continue reading Conservatives Don’t Own the Pro-Life Agenda

100 Tweets in One Hour

#100Tweets in one hour. Here we go…. — MATTY ICE (@MattyIceAZ) April 12, 2015 Dear GOP, Don’t get too comfortable leading the Senate. In 2016 Republicans will be defending 24 seats in 34 contests. #100Tweets — MATTY ICE (@MattyIceAZ) April 12, 2015 Why do liberals like Obama? It’s not like his stimulus reversed job declines… Continue reading 100 Tweets in One Hour

If You Love Reagan, You Should Adore This Guy

This past week was Ronald Reagan’s 104th birthday. I wish he were alive to celebrate, probably more than most conservatives I know. It would be interesting to see Reagan’s take on today’s political environment. Most likely his opinion would be tossed by the wayside by the same individuals that currently profess his adoration. When Bob… Continue reading If You Love Reagan, You Should Adore This Guy

Putting the ‘Conserve’ Back Into ‘Conservative’

During my freshman year at BYU, a conservative friend of mine tried to explain to me why recycling, and caring for the environment in general, were scripturally unsound practices. He cited the LDS Doctrine and Covenants Section 59 verses 16 to 19, which, in a nutshell, indicate that the Lord provided all of the natural… Continue reading Putting the ‘Conserve’ Back Into ‘Conservative’

The Supreme Court’s Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

The recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and allowing lower court decisions to stand overturning Proposition 8 in California makes for a dramatic shift in American society.  This brief analysis is to consider some of the possible ramifications of the decision. While not a full legal… Continue reading The Supreme Court’s Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

Background Checks Work

Recently the US Senate fell short of passing the most reasonable gun control measure ever brought to the Congressional floor by six votes (54 votes — just a few shy of blocking a filibuster).  The legislation was centered on closing background check loopholes involving private sellers at gun shows and through online sales.  The legislation… Continue reading Background Checks Work

Violence and Mental Health

The recent mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut reinvigorated the national debate about gun control. While I believe that additional measures must be adopted to make it more difficult for criminals and the mentally ill to obtain firearms, it is equally important that Americans evaluate other areas in our society… Continue reading Violence and Mental Health

One More Reason to Support Obamacare

I am constantly criticized by my Republicans friends about the apparent contradictory position of being a pro-life Democrat.  To them this position is contradictory and dishonest.  To me voting with this political platform is irrelevant and insignificant.  Why?  Because whether or not someone is pro-life is a moral argument, and these kind of arguments are… Continue reading One More Reason to Support Obamacare

Thoughts on Gay Marriage

President Obama’s recent announcement of his support for gay marriage sparked a firestorm of debate across the country. For Mormon Democrats such as myself, it has put us at odds with Obama on an important social issue. In Support of Traditional Marriage As a Latter-Day Saint, I believe in traditional marriage. I believe, as the… Continue reading Thoughts on Gay Marriage

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