Fiscal Conservatives Should Love Obama

Recently in a conversation with a conservative friend, I expressed deep concern for the managing of the federal budget. Donald Trump’s lack of awareness is again driving our budget to trillion dollar deficits and fiscal conservatives are hiding under their desks. To which my friend predictably replied, “Whatabout President Obama? He doubled the national debt… Continue reading Fiscal Conservatives Should Love Obama

Transgender Students Have A Math Problem

The United States ranks 27th in math, 20th in science, 17th in educational performance, 24th in literacy, 54th in education expenditures (as % of GDP), 15th in college graduation rates, and 18th in reading against the rest of the world. Our homes and classrooms lack infrastructure capabilities as the US ranks 33rd in internet speeds and… Continue reading Transgender Students Have A Math Problem

Conservatism is Dying, Thankfully

Conservatism in America is dying, thankfully. I am not referring to the iconic conservative beliefs of Ronald Reagan and Bob Dole, who found success in compromise and concession. Compassionate conservatism will always be ingrained in our political system. I am talking about the mangled attempt to push the electorate to the extreme right under the… Continue reading Conservatism is Dying, Thankfully

Hope and Change By the Numbers

Following the federal unemployment numbers the “Hope and Change” statistics have been updated. Some interesting changes: Although the unemployment rate did not change, the U-6 number declined from July which is positive news. For those unfamiliar with the U-6 number, it discounts part-time workers and seasonal employees. Housing prices are rising faster than 4.1 percent… Continue reading Hope and Change By the Numbers

Today’s Founding Fathers

We all owe a debt of gratitude to our country’s Founding Fathers. Their drive and tenacity put into place the longest surviving constitutional republic in the world. The Constitution is nothing short of inspired; stitched together through compromise and collective experience. I do not believe it is chance that such an extraordinary group of individuals… Continue reading Today’s Founding Fathers

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Explained

In 2009 when President Obama first took office, America faced a serious healthcare problem that had been ignored for decades.  Significant changes needed to be made to address our nation’s problems, which included rising costs and inadequate care following a trajectory to insolvency. At President Obama’s inauguration forty-five million citizens did not have access to… Continue reading The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Explained

If You Love Reagan, You Should Adore Obama

Last month was Ronald Reagan’s 104th birthday. I wish he were alive to celebrate, probably more than most conservatives I know. It would be interesting to see Reagan’s take on today’s political environment. Most likely his opinion would be tossed by the wayside by the same individuals that currently profess his adoration. When Bob Dole, a… Continue reading If You Love Reagan, You Should Adore Obama

Did President Obama Double Our National Debt?

Who is the bigger fool….President Obama for doubling our national debt?…or the individual who believes such a canard?  Like all political claims, the devil is in the details. More has been added to our national debt under President Obama than all the other presidents combined.  Partially true.  However, of the $6.4 trillion added to the… Continue reading Did President Obama Double Our National Debt?