A Plague Infecting White America

Much of white America, especially white male America, is suffering from delusion (Disclosure: I’m a white American man). Too many in my demographic have debased themselves through thoughtless xenophobia, callous sexism, knee-jerk bigotry, and angry cynicism. During the 2016 election, 62% of white males and 52% of white females knowingly cast their vote for a… Continue reading A Plague Infecting White America

Speaker Ryan Adds Planned Parenthood To Obamacare Repeal

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 11: Women hold up signs during a women's pro-choice rally on Capitol Hill, July 11, 2013 in Washington, DC. The rally was hosted by Planned Parenthood Federation of America to urge Congress against passing any legislation to limit access to safe and legal abortion. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

An all-out attack on Planned Parenthood has just been announced by the GOP. Today Speaker Ryan announced that defunding of Planned Parenthood would be part of the Obamacare reconciliation bill. Using the reconciliation process skates around a potential Democratic filibuster and allows a straight up vote. Not only are Republicans trying to slip though this… Continue reading Speaker Ryan Adds Planned Parenthood To Obamacare Repeal

Transgender Students Have A Math Problem

The United States ranksĀ 27th in math, 20th in science, 17th in educational performance, 24th in literacy, 54th in education expenditures (as % of GDP), 15th in college graduation rates, and 18th in reading against the rest of the world. Our homes and classrooms lack infrastructure capabilities as the US ranks 33rd in internet speeds and… Continue reading Transgender Students Have A Math Problem

Conservatism is Dying, Thankfully

Conservatism in America is dying, thankfully. I am not referring to the iconic conservative beliefs of Ronald Reagan and Bob Dole, who found success in compromise and concession. Compassionate conservatism will always be ingrained in our political system. I am talking about the mangled attempt to push the electorate to the extreme right under the… Continue reading Conservatism is Dying, Thankfully